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Ayurveda beauty certification courses in Rishikesh, India

Ayurveda Beautician Certification Course

Ayurveda Beautician Certification Course is an insight into the concept of beauty regimens purely based on Ayurveda. We often go to an expensive salon for face or body massage or apply a heavy layer of artificial makeup to stand different in the crowd but what you pay against this is a heavy bill and a lot of harmful artificial products into our skin which are severely dangerous for our skin in a long run.

What Is Ayurveda Beautician Course?

Ayurveda beauty treatments don’t pose any harmful chemicals on your skin to make you beautiful but beautify the body within the best use of Ayurvedic methods and products. This course covers all the dimensions like Ayurveda care for skin, eyes, hair, mouth, etc. This course teaches you the role of the important body elements like Tridoshas, Panchamahaboota, and body constitution and so on in the course of reviving your skin with a youthful blush.

Why Choose Ayurveda Beautician Certification Course?

This course teaches you to treat the skin in a way that not only treats the outmost layer of skin but also treats the body to reflect the purity outside. Furthermore, this course will give you a wider view of important Ayurveda herbs associated with different body care treatments. It is also a unique approach adapted by Haritha to set a new milestone in the reign of Ayurveda. This course imparts the in-depth lessons on Ayurveda beauty therapy; this is a new way to restore your beauty without harming your purity.

  1. Timeline: Available throughout the year.

  2. Duration: 5 Days.

  3. Fees: 265 USD.

Highlights of the course:-

  1. Basic understanding of what is Ayurveda, Five elements, and Tri-Dosha

  2. Introduction to Ayurveda, Tridhoshas, Panchamahaboota theory

  3. Body constitution (Prakriti)

  4. Symptoms & Management of common beauty problems

  5. Introduction to Concept of Beauty in Ayurveda

  6. Kitchen cosmetics & Medicines Used for Beauty care

  7. Ayurvedic Head Massage (How to make herbal oil and use)

  8. Hair Treatments (For Premature Graying, Brittle Hair, Hair fall)

  9. Herbal Fumigation

  10. Ayurvedic Face Massage & Face care Treatments

  11. Herbal Scrub (How to Make herbal scrub and How to apply)

  12. Herbal Face pack (How to Make herbal pack and How to apply)

  13. Herbal Face Cream (How to make and use)

  14. Herbal facial

  15. Acne Treatments

  16. Nose Treatments

  17. Eye care Treatments

  18. Hand and Footcare Treatments

  19. Herbal Body Scrub (How to make and apply)

Why Choose Haritha For Ayurveda Beautician Course?

Ayurveda beautician certification course brought up by Haritha Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre is a revolution brought to the beauty and makeover. Ayurveda Beauty Certification Course certifies you as an Ayurveda Beauty expert and opens the way for you to build a career as an Ayurveda beautician.

For Confirmation of Registration ,Advanced booking is required.

For the Registration, and Payment You can mail us on info@harithasparishikesh.com or send us your enquiry to fill the form below.

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