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Haritha Healing Courses in Rishikesh, India

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Course

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Courses offer different levels of the old art of healing. Starting from level one to level four, Haritha also offers Sound Healing Teacher Training Course. Sound Healing Teacher Training Course is a combination of all the four levels of Sound Healing. This course not only teaches you all the four levels of Sound healing altogether but also certifies you as a professional sound healer worldwide.

Highlights of the course:-

  1. About how chakras influence life

  2. To check the health of the chakras

  3. To activate and balance chakras for yourself and for others

  4. To remove the inner blockages of the body

Why Choose Haritha For Sound Healing Courses?

The sound healing technique is a technique of improving emotional and physical health with the help of sound vibrations. In this method, a therapy that involves all the healing aspects of a sound wave is given to a person to relieve his mind from any sort of disturbance by creating a peaceful musical environment around him and this is called sound healing therapy. Many ancient instruments are used in this course to create a required sound and heal the mind and body.

Sound healing therapy has been used over years in different parts of the world by different religions to restore the wellbeing of humankind and protects them from harmful artificial medication. To provide you with the benefits of sound healing, Haritha has come up with the best sound healing course in India to impart this miraculous therapy to almost every part of the world to ensure a happy and healthy universe.

  1. Timeline: – Available throughout the year.

  2. Level 1 (3 days): - 249 USD

  3. Level 2 (3 days): - 299 USD

  4. Level 3 (3 days): - 449 USD

  5. Level 4 (3 days): - 449 USD

  6. Sound Healing Teacher Training (12 days): - 1399 USD

Seven Chakra Healing Certification Course

Chakra Healing Certification Course illuminates the healing powers of Chakras also known as nerve centers. Chakra healing is a technique of healing the body and mind naturally by rebalancing the chakras through the daily practice of this technique. This natural and years old method of healing not only cures your diseases cosmically but also protects you from various physical or mental disorders.

  1. Timeline: – Available throughout the year.

  2. Duration: - 5 Days

  3. Fees: - 249 USD

  4. Eligibility: - No prior knowledge of Ayurveda required to join this course.

Highlights of the course:-
  1. About how chakras influence life.

  2. To check the health of the chakras.

  3. To activate and balance chakras for yourself and for others.

  4. To remove the inner blockages of the body.

Why Choose Haritha For Chakra Healing?

Keeping in mind the benefits of Chakra Healing technique, we at Haritha Ayurveda and Panchkarma center has come up with a Chakra Healing course to pass on the virtuous benefits of Chakra Healing to the world. This method of healing includes all the ancient traditional chakra balancing techniques like meditation, color vibrations, massage, essential oil, yoga and so on. Chakra healing technique reopens the chakras giving way to the pure healing energy in our body making our life vibrant, happy and healthy.

Crystal healing certification course:-

Crystal healing is a pseudo-scientific alternative to medicine. In this technique, the experts use several precious and semi-precious stones to stimulate the healing energies residing inside your body thereby curing you naturally.

In this technique of Crystal healing, stones holding different healing powers are placed on all the vital energy centers in a view of stimulating the centers to release the pure healing energy inside your body. Doing so channelizes the vital spiritual energy to all the organs associated with the particular nerve centers which in turn clean them up.

Why Choose Haritha For Crystal Healing?

This cosmic and spiritual cleansing finally heals you mentally, physically and spiritually setting a new way towards a happy and healthier lifestyle. The positive cosmic energies get in contact with the energy field of your body or chakras thereby serving you with immense health and positive power. We at Haritha have brought a platform where you can learn and practice crystal healing techniques to reap its benefits widely.

  1. Timeline: – Available throughout the year.

  2. Duration: - 3 Days

  3. Fees: - 349 USD

  4. Eligibility: - Basic beginners’ course with no prior knowledge of Ayurveda required.

For Confirmation of Registration ,Advanced booking is required.

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