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Mindfulness Meditation Certification Courses in Rishikesh, India

Mindfulness Meditation

We have been listening about meditation since the Vedic era, where yogis use to sit for a long close their eyes and focusing on the soul that ultimately said to get connected with the supreme thereby releasing all sorts of discomforts and stress from their life. The technique of meditation has been recently enjoyed a resurgence in the name of mindfulness meditation. This course illuminates the skill of meditating in the state of mindfulness.

Why Choose Mindfulness Meditation Certification Course?

This is a technique that includes a mental training practice that basically focuses on your mind and the experiences in the present moment. This technique involves several standardized programs that help in achieving such bliss. This is a state where you meditate parallel to your emotions, sensation, and thought. Mindfulness meditation also involves breathing practice and mental imagery.

This is a method of healing your mental hygiene and emotional health through meditating while being aware of your body and mind. This technique of spiritual and emotional healing heals your mind and leads to muscle and body relaxation thereby gifting your healthy wellbeing. Successful completion of mindfulness meditation rewards you a certification of the course where you can transform your journey from a learner to a meditation teacher.

  1. Mindfulness Meditation Certification Course - 3 Days 249 USD

  2. Mindfulness Meditation Certification Course - 6 Days 449 USD

Why Choose Haritha For Meditation?

Haritha has well-experienced meditation teachers who will not only teach you this holistic meditation technique but also make you experience the healing powers of meditation. We offer the best meditation courses in Rishikesh to ensure natural wellbeing to every corner of the world.


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