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Thai Yoga Massage Certification Courses in Rishikesh, India

Thai Yoga massage certification course details

Thai Yoga massage is a unique blend of the ideologies of both the east and the west and has a large focus on bio-mechanical safety. This certification course is an excellent approach that can master you in Thai Yoga Massage in just a short span in order to restore his powerful healing treatment to step together towards healthy wellbeing.

This certification course aims at mastering you in this skillful massage technique. Besides the holistic approach, the course performs best in opening a demanded career path for the learner.

What Is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing technique that has basically originated from the beautiful place, Thailand. Being born in Thailand, this massage technique flourished in different parts of the world due to its excellent benefits. Thai yoga massage is a natural technique that rejuvenates the body, soul, and mind thereby promising overall wellness. This is a holistic approach which not only nourishes the body physically but also cleanses it from within to crease out all the impurities from the body and making it young once again.

Why Choose Thai Yoga Massage Certification Course?

The benefits of Thai yoga massage lie in its name, where yoga is a spiritual discipline, massage is a bridge that connects the spiritual virtues with the physical elements of a human body thereby soothing the body both inside and outside. Thai Yoga Massage Certification Course teaches you the therapeutic technique of massage that combines soft tissue manipulation, traditional yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation. All four of these hold excellence individually, therefore the combined excellence of these ethnic arts is far beyond the thoughts.

  1. Timeline: Available throughout the year.

  2. Duration: 5 Days.

  3. Fees: 249 USD.

  4. Eligibility: Basic beginners’ course with no prior knowledge of Ayurveda required.

Highlights of the course:-

  1. Thai Yoga Bodywork techniques, its benefits, contraindications and principles of Thai Yoga

  2. Knowledge of Movement & Alignment (Anatomical) and Trigger points.

  3. Anatomical understanding of the human body.

  4. Body Mechanics.

  5. Introduction to Foot Reflexology.

  6. Introduction to Energy Points of Yoga and Ayurveda.

  7. Working on Energy lines (SEN) on the legs.

  8. Energy lines on the legs.

  9. Front Position – Massage on the legs and feet.

  10. Transition.

  11. Abdomen and Chest Massage.

  12. Shoulder, arms and hand massage (Energy lines of arms and work on palm).

  13. Neck, Head, and Face Massage.

  14. Open groin series.

  15. Knee / Leg up series.

  16. Double leg exercises.

  17. Bodywork in prone position.

  18. Bodywork in Seated position.

Why Choose Haritha Ayurveda For Thai Massage Course?

Haritha Ayurveda and Panchkarma Centre have come up with a view of passing on these praising natural benefits of Thai Yoga Massage to various dimensions of the world. We at Haritha view at mastering the practitioners so much by our guru’s teachings so as to make them perfect in both self practicing and imparting teachings.

For Confirmation of Registration ,Advanced booking is required.

For the Registration, and Payment You can mail us on info@harithasparishikesh.com or send us your enquiry to fill the form below.

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